Rupert & Caven ride Trans Alba


Rupert and Caven took on the Trans Alba, a 1000 mile self-supported bicycle race through Scotland. With this being their first time out racing in a bikepacking event, the pair share all their experiences from waking up at 3am, spending 18 hours on the road and pushing out 200 mile days.

The Trans Alba Race is a self supported cycling ride around Scotland. Covering over 1,000 miles and more than 50,000 feet of climbing. Riders follow a predetermined route whilst abiding to a simple set of seven rules. 

Sounds easy right? Well, self supported means self supported, riders are responsible for all their navigation and logistics whilst remaining completely self reliant throughout the event. Simply - You're on your own!

Show Notes

  1. Thoughts on the Trans Alba race and riding future events

  2. Being able to physically ride. Using Aero bars and pains from position

  3. Sleeping and lack of. Surviving on minimal sleep and decided on hotels

  4. Spending time together, riding 18 plus hours

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