Sydney to Canberra


When I started the trip from Sydney, I set out with an open mind as to what I should expect. WIth that, I also put together a series of audio to document the trip. This is a first for me and hope I’m able to share this documentation as I go. It’s more of a personal insight into my journey that has a lot of highs and lows.

Show Notes

  1. Introduction to the show, Why I am in Melbourne and topics such as mental health

  2. Day 1 leaving Sydney and cycling to Wollongong

  3. Day 2 Leaving Wollongong to hit a big climb and getting back pain

  4. Day 3 was a disaster day. Trying to board train then riding to an invisible campsite

  5. Upcoming show Attaquer and recording with Rupert and Cav on their TransAlba

The Journal of Day One, Two and Three

As I progress my journey i’ll Be documenting as best I can the days that evolve, including the audio and photographic elements too.

John Pears