Interested in becoming part of the show that’s creating a unique content space on the move?

There are a huge number of things I would like to develop as I travel on the bike back home and build something that keeps moving beyond my two wheels and I would be keen to work with people


One of the biggest tasks I have on the road is working with the podcast audio show and turning that into usable content both on the website, online and hopefully in print. If you’re interested in words and can already see potential for developing content than send me a message with examples and ideas.


As I develop the show, my ambition for creating something more refined and unique grows. Rather than a one-2-one conversation, the show will start developing a story-led journey that will immerse the audience into the person or subject. If you love sound as much as I do, and want to work together on crafting one of the best cycling podcasts in the world, lets talk sounds and audio.


The show only grows as fast as I can push all the right content out into the world, alongside me developing and creating my own story through that as well. Sometimes I’m out of data or signal for a number of days. Could you help organise a more organised way to spread the stories and work that we’re crafting? If so, lets talk!.


So far I’ve had brilliant support from the likes of Dylan Matthews on photography and Blake Gordon with illustration, however as I journey forward, I want to work and share the creative work you do. Whether that is photography or illustration work, this platform is a place to collaborate and create something together. Get in touch if you have an idea or if I’m on the same path as you.