Extra Lightweight Bikepacking Storage

Some of you may grimace, some of you will be envious or some of you may be inspired to try the same.

for me, it was all about getting quick access storage onto the bike, without having to rely on my Revelate Harness Handlebar roll to pull out my Alpkit Airlok. I tried this and it’s a faff, especially if your after quick warmth or waterproof.


I picked up the Blackburn Outpost Cage Mount with a vague idea of where I wanted to put it, maybe crossing both the stayed at the back. This was possible, but the problem occurs when you start peddling, they clip your heels. After that I shifted them around and to my surprise, sat well on top of the seat satay, as my frame has flat tubes that are angles away from the rear wheel.

i went straight to the hardware shop and picked up four hose clamps. Then took old inner tube to chop and use under the hose clamps for two reasons. Friction and protection. The space is a little tight, however with the two Sea to Summit 4l drybags, filled and tidied down with the Voile Straps (which are amazing!) they stay put.

Note on making it: don’t clamp too tight, just loose enough to fit and grip. Also this is not for anything heavy, a few jackets will be enough. This also does expose the stay in the moment of an accident, so I need to be aware of this!

John Pears