Day Two - 85km


Fuck me this was a right shock to the system. Went to bed with my hosts telling me about the climb I’m going to hit, called the Macquarie Pass. Had to get out early to beat the traffic. With a backpack on, this was brutal, plus being fully loaded!! rest of it was up and down and got me really questioning my bike packing skills and mentally throwing stuff out already. 

Campsite was a nice bonus at the end and it was covered enough that all my stuff didn’t get wet or too cold, plus a beast of a fire plus final Game of Thrones (and Tim Tims!). Back is getting battered with the backpack though..

Route available at bottom


Big Climb, Gravel Roads and Game of Thrones.

Didn’t take a huge amount of photos today, usually because I’m on a mission to cover the distance. Luckily, after sitting in McDonald’s for 2 hours downloading Game of Thrones, it all worked out with a decent campsite and fire.

Thanks to Komoot for providing a sick app, which I only started using just as I was planning the ride down and since planned the whole adventure through it. At the time of writing this, I’ve since upgraded my phone from an iPhone 5s to iPhone 8, as the app would crash or wouldn’t track properly at certain points.

John Pears