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Stories on the Road

I’m on a journey to document stories from around the world as I cycle across it too.
Follow and share the story as I challenge myself in all areas so I can bring stories to life that involve two wheels.


Former Crawley Wheelers member
cycles across the world.


John's journey will span across 12,000 miles, and along the way he's running the Pedalling Podcast.

He said: "I'm really interested in sharing stories because I find it doesn't matter where in the world you are, when people ride bikes they have an immediate connection.

"It doesn't matter if they use them to the shops, if they race, or mountain bike."

Along his journey he'll interview people across the industry, from coaches to advocacy groups encouraging people to cycle more, as well as people who build and maintain bikes and importers and exporters.

John said: "I love a good story. It’s what binds us as humans, shapes our history and influences us in our lives. So alongside the ride, I’ll be talking to all the passionate, interesting and dramatic stories that fuel the world of cycling by sharing a cultural perspective across the world.

"My main reasons for doing this are to challenge to myself to ride across the world, it's obviously a big challenge, and I want to travel to countries like Cambodia, India and Iran - countries that don't have the best reputation in the UK.

"The other challenge is to live off a bike for the whole time - I sold everything, I've only got one pair of underwear!"